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RK ENTERPRISE 61GSM Grease/Oil Proof Paper Coated 1 Side Paper

Specification/Additional Details:- 

Bundle : Per Packet 480 sheets
Length : Custom
Application : Hotels to wrap foods
Style: Roll & Sheet
Color : Custom
Pattern : Plain White
Hardness : Silky one side
Country of Origin: Made in India
Size: Custom
Thickness: 61
Code: W11
MOQ: 200 kg
Delivery Time: 2 days
Preferred Location: Anywhere from India

Original price was: ₹181.00.Current price is: ₹151.00.

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@ 151 per kg
(GSM 61 & CODE W11) 61GSM Grease/Oil Proof Paper Coated 1 Side Release Paper. Silicone coated release paper imparts certain qualities to the paper including weight release, surface gloss, smoothness and reduced absorbency. The silicone coated release paper can then be used in food packaging, release paper and in magazines. However the coating formulation needs careful consideration for the chemical additives and dispersants being used. The coating can be carried out by adjusting the thickness of coating, speed of coating and the curing temperature. Silicone coated release paper coating comprises two-component and three-component systems for pressure sensitive tapes and labels.
Silicone coated release paper a range of silicones designed to be applied on one or both sides of a paper or film substrate. Also known as silicone coated release liners, they are used to protect sticky surfaces and to ease their handling. Silicone coated release paper are used in a wide array of markets and applications where it is critical to achieve a perfect coating to protect and deliver materials such as pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) used in tapes and labels to their end destination. Beyond protection of self-adhesive or sticky materials they are also fantastic process aids and are used to enable casting and composite production processes and offer non-stick hygienic solutions for cooking and baking.
Silicone coated release liner paper has three different type of coating such as: Tin Coating, Platinum Coating and Glassine or Silicone Coating. We can provide Silicone coated release liner paper in custom size such roll and sheet form. The standard size for Silicone coated release liner paper, is 20x30inch in sheet form and 20inch width in roll form. Our minimum order quantity for Silicone coated release liner paper is 200kg. Silicone coated release liner paper we have start from 40 to 120gsm.


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